𝄢 The Journey 

I like to take it slow on holidays but want to arrive at the location fast. A marvel of contradiction right?

Because isn’t it all about the journey instead of only the destination? Like my favourite poem Ithaka from the Greek poet C.P. Cavafi describes. 

It describes the long but not always easy journey to the destination. But enjoying every aspect of it, beautiful and fearful. All the excitement during the journey, the first first views, encounters, discoveries. Does your experiences start at the destination or already when you start your journey and along the journey? 

Because is it for you about the destination or the journey itself?

I like to believe both, and enjoy it both ways. Like travelling by car the Alpe Adria highway from Croatia, through Italy Dolimites to Austria very early in the morning. Enjoying these beautiful sunrises in the mountains travelling by and shooting these images at the same time. All those layers of light and colour. Amazing right?

These are my favourite mornings and skies. 

I hope you enjoy your journeys as much as I do!